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Hannah Barnes

Welcome to The Lazy Girl! My name is Hannah; I’m a 25-year-old freelance writer, I studied English Literature in London and have an incessant love for all things fictional, I currently live in Manchester with my partner; Nathan, and our growing menagerie of household pets. I’m on a mission to rehabilitate the lazy lifestyle - so grab something indulgent, pop your feet up and take a look around!

The Lazy Girl aims to provide you with life hacks, inspiration and hopefully a fair few laughs along the way. Covering everything from #lazygirl make up techniques to delicious recipes that leave plenty of time to relax, I hope to show you how to create the perfect balance between living the lazy life….and getting shit done. This is your guide to looking like you’ve got your shit together, if you will.

My inspiration for The Lazy Girl came out of my own recent experience. Being catapulted from my cosy university curriculum into a life of responsibility heralded some huge changes; no more all night netflix binges, no more nipping to the corner shop in my PJs, and certainly no more monthly handouts from, well, anyone.

A few years out of university though, and I was well on track for a winning life; career on the up, mortgage in the bag and oh so much potential just over the horizon. When I actually stopped to think about it though, the things I was busting my butt for everyday weren’t necessarily the things I wanted - and if the bags under my eyes and my mental and physical health were anything to go by, they weren’t what I needed either. 

I was chasing after somebody else’s dream, and I was burning myself out doing it. Yes, I was succeeding – but why? And at what cost?

When I finally allowed myself to answer these questions honestly, I realised that the dreams I had sacrificed my early twenties for weren’t my own. The milestones I was so eagerly checking off my life list were pre-prescribed for me long before the moment in which I thought I chose them.

So, that’s when I stopped! I handed in my notice, gave up the rat race and decided to pursue my own dreams - whatever they might be.  

Now, you might be thinking that The Lazy Girl is an odd moniker to choose, after all the word lazy gets a pretty bad rap – it brings to mind all manner of vices. It’s a word dripping with poison and procrastination, but here's the secret; once you shift your perspective and embrace it, it loses all its venom. We all want permission to be lazy every now and again, to sit back, relax and just enjoy life: so here it is, full unmitigated permission to chill the hell out.  

I want to share with you all the little lazy ways I create more time in my day and hopefully, help you get more out of whatever free time you have. The Lazy Girl is all about minimising unnecessary stress, anxiety and fuck ups, in a life that’s already fucked up enough.


  1. I loved reading this about page and that's saying something because I normally skim through them and pick out the basics. You're a really engaging writer so I'm very excited to be collaborating with you :)


    1. Thanks so much for commenting, I need to get my act together and start checking out other blogs. So many fantastic blogs, so little time. Very much looking forward to working with you too from what I've seen so far!



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