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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Life In The Fringes (The Truth About Bangs).

Hannah Barnes

I recently had a fringe (or bangs if you’re American) cut in a few weeks ago and couldn't help but notice a few things. It turns out these are things we all know about wearing a fringe….but somehow forget whenever we embark upon the hairstyle.

Here's what I'm talking about: the truth about bangs:

Spontaneous Indecision 

You’ve been debating a fringe for some months, you’re finally in the chair; magazine and frothy coffee in hand… when suddenly panic grips you; can you really handle a fringe right now? It’s a pretty big commitment after all. You self soothe, breathe deep and decide on a compromise. ‘Just cut it in long enough to grow out pretty quickly’ you tell the stylist, with a knowing nod, and before you know it a fully grown fringe has appeared atop your face.

Immediate Regret

You’ve created a monster. Seriously, what were you thinking? This is just like you! Why would you ever think you suited a fringe? The rest of your hair is now completely flat: you’re nothing but fringe, it’s taken over, and you’re seriously starting to regret that clever little compromise in the salon. A fully grown fringe is now scratching at your eyelids day and night and those brows you were so proud of can no longer be freely admired.

Undercover Agent 

Despite your inner pain and torture the new fringe goes largely unnoticed. Close friends may squint at you before proffering a hesitant ‘has something changed?’; a savvy co-worker may even get as far as to comment on your ‘new hair colour’ - you haven’t changed it – it’s just this roaring beast of a fringe sitting proudly, and somehow invisibly, upon your irritated head.

New Additions

Owning a fringe calls for a lot of patience, no longer can one simply brush and go in the mornings. A fringe must be cared for; nurtured; preened. All in all fringes are pretty much as high maintenance as you can get and by this point you’ve had enough of its' demands. By week 2 careful sectioning off of the fringe is at an end, and despite the now epic flatness of the rest of your hair, as it cringes away from the now feral fringe, you begin to simply hack away at any strands which decide ill-fatedly to join the movement.

Whole New World

Eventually you make peace with your furry friend and remember why you thought you could rock a fringe: because, clearly, you can, and what’s more - the rest of your look changes to suit the fringe (of course). Now you’re a winged eyeliner kind of gal with a love for all things black. In fact in no one’s reality does having a heavy fringe not turn you instantly into an emo kid; like it or not.

Winter Warmer

You’ve bonded now and what do you know? A large scarf also goes exceptionally well with your new fringe, so out you head into the cold. One thing you won’t need? A hat, ohhhhh no – your new fringe friend has got you covered there. Here is where the once rogue sweep of hair across your forehead begins to make up for its itchy, itchy ways. Keeping you snug as a bug in any weather. Which is actually perfect because the only thing that doesn’t go with your new fringe is a hat of any kind – they’re like kryptonite to fringes, just trust me on this one.

View Finder

You’ll be warm it’s true, but you’ll now only see the rest of the world through the blurred fog of your own hair, as that clever compromise comes back to bite you once again. Just as you began to settle in with your new pal it threatens to take over your entire face - you’ve got a hard decision to make now; to trim, or not to trim, if you will.

Awkward Bangs

Okay so it wasn’t that hard, you decide to ditch the fringe – after all, what did it really ever do for you? You can still wear winged eyeliner…can’t you? Anyway it’s the right time, it was all getting a bit much and you’ve had just about enough of its itchy antics. A mere trim is out of the question, the fringe must go!

Forehead Freedom

It’s over, the furry creature now gone, you can’t help but look back on your time together and be reminded of the Simpson’s episode where Homer has a hair transplant, but you didn’t let it beat you and you’ve come out stronger on the other side. You appreciate the little things now: a clear view of your finely tuned brows, the wind on your forehead and that extra 10 minutes in bed in the mornings (you earned that!).

Flirting With Danger

It could be months from now; or even years, if you’ve got a particularly short memory. It’s probably already happened a few times, but at some point in the future you’ll forget about all the faff that comes with being a proud fringe owner and take the plunge once again. ‘You know what?’ You’ll start to muse; ‘I might try a fringe? I look pretty good with a fringe’.

p.s I have no idea what is going on with the editing here (I couldn't see a thing through this damned fringe) 

Got a fringe? How's that going for you??

Hannah Barnes / Author & Editor

I keep myself busy with my small business; The Loft Gifts, the period poverty charity I run; The Crimson Wave, writing here and for vaious platforms and a growing menagerie of household pets.


  1. Hahaha, this is such a great post! I have to say, I myself suffer from the dreaded "do I, don't I" about my fringe ALL the time. I decided to grow my hair out a couple of months ago and *so far*, so good. I miss my long, sweeping emo fringe sometimes though!

    Vee✨ //

    1. It happens to me at least once every two years! The urge to FRINGE! haha! That's how they get you, you forget all about the hassle when looking back at old pictures and a fringe seems so simple!

      Thanks for commenting Vee :)


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