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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Matcha Magic

Hannah Barnes
I am always looking for ways to stay healthy – without having to do very much. I like to fuel my body with the right food, but will happily admit to tucking into more pleasurable meals if the mood strikes. I’ll never be a complete health nut, but I’m okay with that and I like to think I strike a good balance between virtue and vice. As a favourite meme of mine put’s it – no one loves a skinny sober bitch anyway. 

In that respect, I’m a bit of a sucker for anything that promises a quick fix. Optimal results for minimum effort will always be a crowd pleaser but more often than not the old adage wins out and if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

So it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I took delivery of a sample of Pure Chimp Super Tea’s Matcha Green Tea which claims to help ease weight loss, brighten skin and comes chock full of antitoxins and amino acids to keep your body topped up with all the good stuff it needs.

I will be testing out this miracle of miracles this week – with each serving being the equivalent to 10 regular cups of green tea – in a variety of different ways. The beauty of this tea, you see, is that it can be used in so many different ways. Pop it in a milkshake, latte, top your breakfast with a sprinkle or add some to your infused water. If you're feeling lazy, simply enjoy with warm water and honey and getting your daily dose of healthy is as simple as that.

Here are a few ways I enjoyed my matcha green tea over the week, having taking inspiration from Super Chimps heath blog. I had expected to dislike the flavour, as green tea was very much an acquired taste for me, but the powder is actually pretty unobtrusive and blends well with a range of different flavours, resulting in some extremely tasty beverages. 

Straight Up Matcha Tea


1 cup (50ml) boiling water  
1 tbsp honey


Being a lazy girl, I started things off as simply as possible and went for the easiest way to get some matcha magic into my system. Just boil up your water, stir in the matcha green tea powder and honey before sitting down to enjoy.

Vanilla Matcha Latte


3/4 cup (170ml) milk of choice
1/4 cup (50ml) boiling water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp maple syrup or honey


Pop your matcha powder into a tall latte glass then top with the boiling water and stir everything up so that the powder dissolves completely. Use a small pan to heat your milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup or honey (I used honey) until the liquid begins to simmer. Add this concoction to your glass of matcha tea, stir and enjoy warm. For extra barista points you could also use an electric whisk to froth some of your milk and top of your drink this way.

Matcha Cashew Milk


1 cup (155g) unsalted raw cashews
3.5 cups (820ml) filtered water
3-4 tbsp maple syrup or to taste
1/2 tsp vanilla paste/extract


Start by soaking your cashew nuts in water for at least 4 hours before preparing this drink, to soften them up and help with the blending process later on.

Once you’ve done this, you can drain your cashews and chuck them in the blender along with your filtered water.  Blend these up on a high setting for a few minutes before straining the milk through a nut milk bag to remove the pulp (I didn’t have one of these so I improvised with a tight weave sieve).

Pour the strained mixture back into your blender and add the matcha powder, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Pour the milk back into the blender along with the matcha, maple syrup and vanilla. Blend for a second time to thoroughly mix up your ingredients then store in the fridge to chill.

Whilst these recipes were extremely tasty and kept me feeling bright and energetic throughout the week, I'm not sure matcha is quite the miracle product we're all looking for in regards to weight loss. Perhaps if I had stuck with the simple matcha tea, results would have been different but I am extremely happy with the transformation to my skin, which looks healthier and has a definite glow.

I'll be continuing to use the product and particularly enjoyed the Matcha Cashew Milk - which I'm now pretty addicted to of a morning. Let me know if you have any other recipes I could try in the comments section!

Hannah Barnes / Author & Editor

I keep myself busy with my small business; The Loft Gifts, the period poverty charity I run; The Crimson Wave, writing here and for vaious platforms and a growing menagerie of household pets.


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