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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Barely There Make-up.

Hannah Barnes

My first encounters with make-up bring to mind smeared glitter lip-gloss (90s kid), blue powder eye-shadow (filched from my Gran) and more heavy black liner than the even myspace condoned. I slapped it on an inch thick and developed an increasing need for more and more products.

The slap not only took its toll on my skin but my social life too – I was late to everything. I had 143 products to apply, after all, in a clearly worked out sequence. It had to stop. My appearance was taking over my life and I didn't even look like myself any more.

In recent years I've toned the whole thing down, binned the kohl liner for good, own only a few products and often turn up for things on time. I go for a natural look with neutral tones and minimal fuss; because who can be bothered topping up their lip-gloss every ten minutes anyway?

So The Lazy Girl is spreading the naked truth. I asked one of my very best friends Harley Jane Stoker, MUA, to help by sharing her top tips!

Keeping it simple when starting from scratch.

Cleanse, tone, repeat - To ensure flawless makeup you need to start with a good skin care routine. Cleanse and tone your face once a day; preferably in the morning, and be sure to remove all make-up with a natural cream cleanser before bed. I’d recommended the entire Simple range – their products work for all skin types and you can pick up the brand pretty easily in your local Boots store.

You’ll need to prime – Smashbox have the ultimate range of priming products, find the right one for you using their Primer Finder and apply a pea size amount prior to your foundation. Allow to breath before applying your foundation with a good stippling brush - remember to blend outwards from the center of your face to avoid visible lines and marks.

Pick and mix – the majority of your products can have dual uses; so you don’t need to develop an addiction. Experiment with what you have – concealer can be used to highlight and prime your eyelids as well as to cover blemishes and imperfections and bronzer doubles up as a subtle eye-shadow or can help define your face.”

Essential products for your new make-up bag.

“A touch of Vaseline never fails– it’s great for keeping your lips soft and adding a bit of shine and can also be used to tame an errant brow on the go.

A good BB cream works wonder – you don’t always need a heavy foundation clogging up your skin, during the day BB cream does the perfect job, just be sure you select the right one for your skin type. I use Garnier Skin Protector Daily All-in-one BB Blemish Balm which is easily available and cost’s around a tenner.

Nude eyeliner was a great discovery – I take it everywhere with me now for a simple way to enlarge the eyes and fake that wide eyed, bushy tailed look when you need a little boost. Urban Decay has a fantastic double ended pencil for just £12.00.

Mascara of course – It’s a must have for me. I use Mac's long wearing Zoom Lash; it’s great for a fuller lash throughout the day and outlasts even the wildest night out. It comes in at a reasonable £10.00 which is well worth the investment.”

Any optional big-night-out additions?

“A touch of blush on the apple of each cheek can really bring your face to life. You could also add a little highlighter under the brow and on your cupids bow for a fuller looking lip.”

You heard it here first ladies. Minimal make-up is the future, so you can get on with everything else and still look bad ass. And if you prefer wearing a full face 24/7 or none at all, like myself most of the time, that's totally cool too. You do you - but with a minimal make-up bag, you'll probably get much more done!

Let me know how you do you in the comments section, or send your minimal make up tips my way!

Hannah Barnes / Author & Editor

I keep myself busy with my small business; The Loft Gifts, the period poverty charity I run; The Crimson Wave, writing here and for vaious platforms and a growing menagerie of household pets.


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