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Zero Waste 101: A Guide to Get You Started

Hannah Barnes
If like me, you want to live a lower waste lifestyle, then I hope you're enjoying my journey so far. I've done so much research into making this change, that I wanted to (hopefully) help save you some time, so you can get on with saving the world.

Here is everything you'll need to know, when taking up the zero waste or plastic free mantle:

Your Closest Zero Waste Shop

You can find information on your local Zero Waste Stores via the Zero Waste Network. Just tap in your post code to hone in on the plastic free options near you. You can also get the low down on local events and work shops.

You can read about my trip to the plastic free shop near me here and I've also spotted this gem of a review by Muccy Cloud detailing her visit to Nottingham's first zero waste shop.

The Plastic Free Challenge 

Many people are  taking on the Plastic Free or Zero Waste (like me) challenge. There are tons of ways you can do this but the challenge usually involves going totally plastic or waste free for a week, a month or even a day. I'm doing this a little more gradually and making sure I'm well prepared. It helps shock the system into realising just how much your weekly lot of garbage adds up and what you're willing to stick with to change that. 

Zero Waste Lifestyle Tips

I reached out to the blogging community for their ideas on how to live a low waste lifestyle and they did not disappoint! I'll want to cover lots of stuff on my own blog and I found so much inspiration in these posts. 

I wanted to compile a list to help you get started, in whichever ways you can, to be a little more green. I'm on a mission to sort out my plastic problem and I hope to have planted a little seed of change in you too.

Zero Waste in the Kitchen 

Zero Waste Cleaning 

Zero Waste in the Bathroom 

Zero Waste on the Go

Zero waste with Kids 

The Zero Waste E Course 

Still need a helping hand going zero waste? Then take a look at Mummy & Monkey's Zero Waste e-course. It's completely free and includes entry to a Facebook community focused on helping you stay motivated and keep making positive changes.

The course covers every thing you need to know and encourages you to make little changes that all add up. If you'd like some support on your zero waste journey then why not give it a go?

If you'd like me to add something to this list, just let me know! I'm starting my own Zero Waste Challenge in the pantry but will be making my way through the house and adding resources here as I go.


  1. Looking after our environment is so important. These are such invaluable tips.

    1. SO important! Glad to have been of service Jemma!

  2. I am trying to do as much as I can to do zero waste like not putting veggies in bags at the supermarket and using reusable glass bottles and storage containers x

  3. Such a good place to start Rhian! If we all do what little we can then things are going the right way. So glad to hear so many people are!!


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